Friday, May 25, 2018

June 25, 2000: Esteem, Gamewinner, The National Acrobat, Christiansen, Looks Like Rain @ The Sushi Cafe, Baltimore, MD

Looks Like Rain capped off our little weekend trip with a fun little show back in Baltimore at the Sushi Cafe. I'm not 100% sure Esteem played this show. Larry, who I think sang for Esteem, would later found Think Fast! Records with Ryan from Outbreak. Pretty sure Gamewinner's 7" did not come out at this show. Don't even think it came out at their actual 7" release show a bit later. The National Acrobat were the stars of this show. Super energetic set that blew everyone away. Photos from this show were used in the layout of one of their CDs. I can't remember if it was "Can't Stop Casper Adams" or "For All Practical Purposes, Is Dead". The National Acrobat were from Louisville, KY and featured Evan and Ryan Patterson (Coliseum, Young Widows, Black Cross, Breather Resist, Automatic, Fotocrime, etc.), Robby Scott (Christiansen, By the Grace of God, etc.), and few other Louisville kids that I don't believe did anything else. Christiansen would later go on to release a few records with Revelation Records.

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