Wednesday, May 23, 2018

June 23, 2000: Two Man Advantage, Phil Ashes with The Goods, The Falsies, The Cuban Music Crisis, Duct Tape Pussy, Looks Like Rain @ Colossal Taco, Cuba, NY

This is a show that Looks Like Rain hopped on after the flyer was made. I'm not sure The Falsies played this one. We may have taken their place. Ryan Cappelletti from I Object and Punks Before Profits Records may have had some involvement in this show. That was long before I would come to know him through his bands and label. I still have a scar on my palm from this show. I was circle pitting to 2 Man Advantage, tripped on the carpet, and gouged my hand on a carpet tack that was sticking up a little bit. My other memory from this show was staying at someone's house (possibly Ryan's) that night with the Two Man Advantage guys and watching a VHS tape compiled with what seemed like an hour of farting preachers. I have laughed that hard very few times in my life.

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