Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 12, 2000: Crispus Attucks, Wheelbite, The Control, Daybreak, Looks Like Rain @ the Kaffa House, Washington, DC

Here's a couple flyers for a bunch of fast/thrashy punk bands. I made the flyer on the bottom. Don't know who made the other one, but looks like it could be a Tony Pence flyer. Can't remember why I booked this one at the Kaffa House. The Sushi Cafe, where I was doing most of my shows at the time, may have already been booked. Might also have been at the request of The Control to play a DC show.

*UPDATE: Thanks to Jeremy Smith, who played in The Control, for refreshing my memory. This show didn't actually happen. We all showed up to the venue and the doors were locked and no one ever came to open up. Don't recall what happened but clearly some miscommunication.

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Anonymous said...

Kaffa house dude was always a flake. But I only remember a compete no show a few times. I feared it every time though.