Friday, March 9, 2018

February 5, 2000: Looks Like Rain, Red Angel Dragnet, Brace, Seven Ages @ the Solar Haus, Blacksburg, VA

Hey folks. Over six years since the last post. Wow. The last time I posted I was doing so in my spare time at my job at a print shop in Baltimore, MD. Now I'm doing it in my spare time from my job at an ad agency in Boulder, CO. A year and half after moving and we're still pulling stuff from boxes. I recently discovered the box with all my flyers and found some time recently to start scanning them again. Work is a lot busier around here, but I'm hoping to get 2-3 posts up per week. Tell your friends if they're into this sort of thing. Going to be posting them up on my Instagram as well (mikeriley131).

Anyway, in pulling out the flyers, I found some that were in a folder for Looks Like Rain stuff (my old band), so we're gonna get out of chronological order for a bit and fill in some holes for the year 2000. This flyer is from a show that LLR played in Blacksburg, VA with Bryan Flowers's (LLR drummer) old band, Seven Ages, as well as Brace and Red Angel Dragnet. As it's been six years since the last post, my memory is even worse, so forgive me when I don't remember too many details from some of these shows. I do remember that Solar Haus shows were always a lot of fun. Can't remember much about the band Red Angel Dragnet other than Bryan booked them a few times after he moved to Baltimore.

I welcome your comments if you've got any memories of any of the shows I post.

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