Wednesday, March 14, 2018

February 11, 2000: The El Camino Club of Southwestern Pennsylvania, The Shoddy Puppet Company, Grand Buffet, Looks Like Rain @ The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh, PA

This was Looks Like Rain's first out of town show, at Pittsburgh's Mr. Roboto Project. As I recall, it was not all that well attended, but I was stoked on Grand Buffet. In the following couple of years, they seemed to have a pretty good run in the indie hip-hop scene, touring with Sage Francis and Sole. I remember them playing at the Ottobar a few years later and picking up their Pittsburgh Hearts EP, which got a lot of play from me for a while. I don't remember anything about The El Camino Club or The Shoddy Puppet Company's performance. The Mr. Roboto Project was a rad little DIY venue that had a huge influence on us a few years later when we started the Charm City Art Space.

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