Monday, June 14, 2010

January 16th, 1999: Floorpunch, Vision, Onesidedwar, Time Flies, Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Fast Times @ First Congressional Church, Washington, DC

This was a Malfunction show set up by Tru Pray, Eric Mann, Steve Schott (sp ?), and Linas Garsys. I can't remember who the "plus one more" was. The only sets I remember from this show were from Time Flies and Floorpunch, probably cuz they were the only bands on the bill I was excited to see. I liked Fast Times OK, but wasn't crazy about them, and I'd seen Vision a bunch around this time at this point so it was nothing special. Time Flies were almost always great live. Solid band, good energy. Floorpunch's set was great but not as much mayhem as I was expecting. It was a decent sized crowd too, but people were just having a good time and not trying to kill each other. I can't remember if Carlos Guillen and I did sound for this show or not. I know we did for the In My Eyes/Ann Beretta show at this place a few months later. Linas Garsys did the flyer.

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