Wednesday, June 9, 2010

January 15th, 1999: Kill the Man Who Questions, Page 99, Forthright, Seven Ages, Mad Cap @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Just over a week after their last visit Page 99 return to the Chop Shop, this time with Philadelphia's Kill the Man Who Questions headlining. As you can see in that bottom photo, Orchid also hopped on this show. I don't remember the circumstances behind that. Not sure anymore who Forthright was. Seven Ages were a metallic hardcore band from Blacksburg, VA featuring a young Bryan Flowers (Looks Like Rain, Bail Out, Tiny Bombs, etc.) on drums. I also don't recall anything about Mad Cap or if any of the members went on to do anything else of note. I made the flyer and took the photos. Be sure to notice Tony Pence standing behind Mike 99 in that middle pic.


bflo said...

i have a different flyer for this show at home somewhere. i can try to dig it out, but i don't have a scanner. i honestly don't remember KTMWQ playing, and lanemeyer definitely played as well.

Mike Riley said...

I'd love to borrow that sometime so I could scan it. I don't have any pics of KTMWQ so it's quite possible that they cancelled. I don't remember Lanemeyer playing that one but it's quite possible as my memory is terrible.