Tuesday, June 1, 2010

December 17th, 1998: Abstain, De Nada, Page 99, Churner, the Falsies, Angle Eyes @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

If I remember correctly it was Keeve or Blake from Daybreak that approached me about doing this show. Abstain from LA were coming through on tour and they wanted to put something together for them. I can't remember if I had anything to do with the line-up at all. Angel Eyes were a Gravity Records-type band from northern Virginia featuring Matt Bidwell of the Greenhouse on drums. The Falsies are one of Maryland's most underrated punk bands. Their "Theory and Motion" album is fantastic, but unfortunately they did one US tour right after it came out and then broke up shortly afterwards. I still listen to it quite often to this day. If you're into bands like Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music, Rivethead, etc. I highly recommend seeking a copy of it. This may have been the first time I saw Page 99 play. I remember not being super impressed with them the first time, but I would see them again a week later and their set was way tighter and floored me. Abstain were pretty brutal for a two-piece. I also think they were the first band I saw where the drummer sang. That was impressive to me in and of itself, but doing it at the speeds they played was kinda mind-blowing.


Blake said...

I know we're not on the flyer, but I'm PRETTY sure Daybreak played this, it was my birthday and I remember Mike Riley putting us on early so I could go to the surprise party my gf threw for me at the time

Mike Riley said...

I think I remember that as well.