Friday, April 20, 2018

January 15, 1999: Page 99, Orchid, Forthright, Seven Ages, Death Be Not Proud @ the Chop Shop, Baltimore, MD

Here's Damon Pieri's poster for the show at the Chop Shop with Page 99 and Orchid. The original post for this show has a flyer with a different line-up. I'd guess this one was the later one since the other flyer doesn't include Orchid. No clue who Death Be Not Proud were. The original post includes a few pictures I took of Page 99 and Orchid. Check it out.

Updates from Facebook comments:
  • Death Be Not Proud included Jeremy Flynn and Al Charity who later played in Hobis and Dawn Treader. (thanks Ganesh K.)
  • Forthright was a local band featuring Dan Owen, currently of Murder (thanks Dan O.)

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Mike Apichella said...

Hi there! interesting archive you have here, thanks for posting it. FYI, Death Be Not Proud was an early Columbia Md. band, their members would go on to work with Dawn Treader, Hobis, The Squints, Organ Donors (Organ Donors were a synth/drums/vocals band that played "elevator violence", a combination of power violence and elevator music!?), etc. I never heard DBNP, but according to the original members they were a "UOA type" early 90's sounding screamo band. You can find out more info on Dawn Treader and the early daze of the Columbia Md. DIY underground over at the site Splice Today which just started running a series chronicling Dawn Treader's early history (2000-2005). Btw, if you or anyone reading this has any Dawn Treader flyers it'd be great to see some of those, they seem to be like hen's teeth, especially ones from the period I'm writing about