Thursday, April 26, 2018

February 6, 1999: In My Eyes, Ten Yard Fight, Brother's Keeper, Reach the Sky, Redline @ Phantasmagoria, Wheaton, MD

Here's three variations of the poster for one of my favorite shows I've ever booked. As you can see from the bottom two, it was originally scheduled to take place at the Chop Shop until it got shut down a couple weeks prior. It ended up at Phantasmagoria in Wheaton, MD thanks to Jamie Arthurs. You can read my original post for my prior recollections of the show. The last poster created, the one at the top, features the line up that actually happened. Damon Pieri drew the illustrated one. I made the one at the bottom.

Eric (EMS) from Brother's Keeper posted a few videos from this show...

Reach the Sky:

Ten Yard Fight:

In My Eyes:

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