Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 12, 2000: Kill the Man Who Questions, Reversal of Man, DS 13, the Dreadnaughts @ Wilson Center, Washington, DC

I always loved seeing shows at the Wilson Center, even if they weren't all that well attended. The place had such history as far as DC hardcore goes. It was sad to see it close its doors when it did. This show wasn't super small, but the room was pretty big, so shows of 75 - 100 people left it feeling kinda empty. I don't remember who the Dreadnaughts were. And while I liked KTMWQ and RoM OK, I definitely went primarily for DS 13 who were some total Swedish ragers. Members also played in ETA, The Vicious, the Lost Patrol Band, and many others. Great legacy.


Mike Riley said...

MD ex-pat Ian Ljungquist says: "Oh, man. I remember that one. Reversal was pretty much done. Their drummer and singer had left earlier in the tour, so the other dude was singing, and the drummer from KTM was playing for them. Their set was only 3 songs long. That was their last DC show ever."

Anonymous said...

yeah the drummer was trying to learn the songs on a walkman during their set. it was atrocious.