Tuesday, May 17, 2011

March 24/25, 2000: Good Clean Fun, Bane, Brother's Keeper, Atom & His Package, the Hope Conspiracy, Daltonic, Dead To the World, Sick of It All, more

Ah, a Jamie Arthurs flyer...an assault upon all that is understood as good design. This one is for a weekend of hardcore at St. Andrew's Church in College Park. Both have pretty stacked line ups. I don't remember anything about the first show so I'm not positive I went. I can't imagine Good Clean Fun actually headlined that show but maybe they did. I definitely went to the second show it was a blast. I can't remember the last time before this show that I saw Sick Of It All at anything other than a large club with a barrier. SOIA sounded so tight and kids were going off their whole set. Lots of speaker dives. I loved every band on that show so I had a blast all night. Helluva fun show.

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bachman said...

both shows were great..think Age of Ruin got added to the 1st show..

SOIA were awesome, and when Lou noticed a kid up front in a wheel chair, he steered stage divers away from him