Wednesday, July 7, 2010

January 29th, 1999: Longshot, Crispus Attucks, Reinforce, Darkest Hour, Until Today, Fallen Empire @ St. John's Episcopal Church, Mt. Rainier, MD

This is the flyer for the last Longshot show. Looks like a Steve Clark flyer. I don't remember anything about Fallen Empire. As mentioned in an earlier post Until Today and Reinforce were a couple of North Carolina hardcore bands that featured Steve and Aaron who would go on to form The First Step. Both solid youth crew inspired bands. Darkest Hour hadn't really come into their own yet at this point. They were still just kind of a generic metal/hc band. Not bad, just nothing that grabbed me. I think I went and ate when they played. Crispus Attucks were another local band that wouldn't really hit their stride until a year or so later. They were solid and fun at this point but not yet the ripping fast hardcore/punk beast they would become. Longshot shows were always a lot of fun. They were carrying the youth crew torch for the Maryland area for a long time and the singalongs and pile ons were always crucial. This is the only show I attended or remember hearing about at this church. Not sure why there weren't more shows there. I'm pretty sure John Mutchler booked it. Good times.


Anonymous said...

I think the front window getting broken might have bee nthe reason there weren't anymore shows there. Awesome show.

GraveMistakeRecords said...

second wind was steve, john, and jeremy ... they were trying to do consistant diy hc shows in the maryland area. I think they even made up a "manifesto" flyer that they passed out ... they did a few cool shows, i'm also pretty sure they were the ones that originally found st. andrew's in college park and co-booked the first decent sized show there (Kid Dynamite / Grey Area).

fallen empire didn't play this show, i think bionic man might have opened instead?

Mike Riley said...

I thought I still had the Second Wind manifesto flyer but I just looked and can't find it. They were the ones that found St. Andrew's Church as a venue. I talk a bit about that on the Dead Venues blog in my partial history of the Chop Shop/Supreme Imperial -