Tuesday, April 3, 2012

November 18, 2000: De Nada, The Chase, All Is Suffering, Numbers Are Neutral @ the Crispus Attucks house, Hyattsville, MD

I've always loved this flyer. The sort of haphazard cut-and-paste giant lettering over top of the loose "centered" text, with all the "imperfections" bright and clear. Works so well. For those of you too young or not local enough to remember, shows at the Crispus Attucks house were in this strange addition the house that was basically a 15' x 15' concrete block box. They were hot as hell in the summer and cold as a witch's teet in the winter. Pretty much any show "filled" the space as the band took up about a 1/3 of the room. The MD/DC/NoVA scene was pretty strong around this time so turnouts were good to pretty much any show and for a while, the CA house was one of the only spaces for shows. Let's just say that almost every show was cramped and this show, being the final one for one of the area's most beloved bands, was jam-packed. So much fun. I don't remember who All Is Suffering or Numbers Are Neutral were. Somebody help me out there.


Joshua said...

Could be wrong but I think I remember All Is Suffering played the Sound Exchange. Kind of heavy metal with a little black metal mixed in like the Bane side band Barrit. I think they were from either Penn it Virginia. I still have the demo tape at home and will check tonight.

GraveMistakeRecords said...

this show was awesome, i have the whole de nada set on video somewhere ... i took a lot of vids around this time, always wanted to transfer and upload them but never really had the time or motivation. one of these days.

thuglifebaldwin said...

all is suffering ruled. epic crust/grind