Monday, March 26, 2012

November 12, 2000: Le Shok, Charm City Suicides, League of Death, Revenge of Nigel Winston, Bad Blood @ the Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Here we have a great flyer from Nolen Strals for a show at the old Ottobar (Look at that early love of hand-lettering!). Pretty sure I only went for League of Death and Charm City Suicides. I'm not sure who Bad Blood were. Revenge of Nigel Winston was a sort of performance art thing from Ben Valis (the Small Intestine, Xibalba, Stars of the Dogon). I don't remember how it went exactly but I seem to recall him reading from a book dressed as a sort of stereotypical late 19th century explorer or anthropologist. That's the memory I have in my head. I could be way off. Someone please clarify if you can. League of Death was Bruce and Nolen's band pre-Double Dagger. They all wore home-made black t-shirts with white skulls printed on the front. I can't remember who was in the band besides those two. Pretty sure it was all MICA students at the time. They played pretty rad punk that wasn't too far off from some of the early Double Dagger stuff. The flyer says "x-Denim Skeleton", but I don't remember that band at all. I've mentioned Charm City Suicides on the blog before. Cool off-kilter noisy punk rock from Baltimore. Walker (Baltimore's Mike Muir) played bass and wore giant Xs on his hands. He's played in South Carey for a bit, I think, but I don't think he's done any other bands since CCS. Mike A. sang and was a fucking wild man. He went on to "head" Human Host, who still plays shows from time to time. I can't remember who else was in the band or if they've gone on to do anything else. The only thing I know about Le Shok was that they were from California and they did a split 7" with Ink & Dagger. Screamy, chaotic hardcore if I remember correctly. Don't know who was in the band or what else they've done.


Anonymous said...

Leaving before Le Shok was a bad call. Great, noisy, "keyboard damaged" garage punk. A little Rip Off records, a little Fall, a lot of Screamers. The singer went on to do a band called Neon King Kong who may or may not be any good. I'll find out when I spin the single I just snapped up from the Celebrated Summer used bins. The drummer did something (keyboards? sound effects?) in The Locust. Most importantly, Le Shok put out an album with this cover:

Enjoy. --Lee A.

Hank B. said...

Bad Blood was, I believe, a band with "Screamin'" Neil Aviles and Chris Coady, who went on to be a bigtime producer in NYC. To piggyback on Lee's comment, I was friends/roomies/bandmates with the Suicides' drummer at this time and he spun the excellent Le Shok record for me.